Locations Analytics


It allows to digitize the movements and activities carried out by people in physical spaces to analyze and understand their behavior in order to improve business management

The solution allows you to understand the offline world and the behavior of visitors as if you were using an online web analytics platform

It allows to link what visitors do in the physical world (visits, average times, movements, etc.) with the actions of the company (communication campaigns, commercial action, physical layout, personnel available, etc.) improving understanding and business management

Metrics associated with the behavior of visitors, inside and outside a location or grouping of locations

Traffic: distribution of visitors over time

Average visit time over a given period

New and repeat visitors (customer loyalty)

Conversion funnels for visitors: traffic on the street, visitors entering the store, effective visits

Occupation heatmaps of the establishment and its zones

Comparison between temporary ranges

Cross information with external data (meteorological information ...)

Comparisons between different locations

Cross visits between locations

Comparison of KPIs between different locations or groupings of them


Proximity Marketing


ONDEGO Smart Wifi 

Simplify the management of your guest WiFi: guests WIFI in a professional manner.

- Easy connection

- High Quality

- Safe

- Control of bandwidth and access time

- Compliant with GDPR data protection regulations

Customers connects to your WiFi using their social media, for a quick and simple login. You will collect key info and detailed profiles of customers.

It allows you to improve the customer experience in your establishment, attracting more customers and making them stay longer, increasing your sales.

ONDEGO Proximity Marketing

This is the best way to connect to customers mobile’s phone at exactly the right place and time.

- Establish a new channel of direct and personalized communication with your customers when they are in your establishment

- Allows you to identify and better know the profile and habits of your clients